Thursday, November 6, 2008

Change we like!

Guess its the right time to talk about change!
With Obama winning so handily on that platform!!
... and "management experts" still talk of people's resistance to change!
I find that notion pretty ridiculous. How often have you worn the same shirt to work the next day? Isn't that changing?
My expert-brother tells me that's not real change!
So what is?
Here's another example I love.
For a century people 'resisted' any change to the QWERTY board. I am told there have been several 'improved' versions - all rejected by the market, due to the proverbial resistance to change!
And then comes along another 'key board' which, if anything, is ten times more difficult, cumbersome and squished up. And it becomes a run away hit! If you have not guessed it, I am talking about the numeric keypad of the mobile phone, now the rage among teens (actually, pretty universal, already) for sms.
How come this clumsy pad has been adopted so enthusiatically, when many earlier ones, designed specifically for ease of use failed?

Let me get back to that soon. Meantime love to have some thoughts from readers